Male Protestor Dressed As Woman Outside Target Asked To Leave; But Then When He Goes Inside...

May 12, 2016May 12, 2016

Joseph Martone Jr. of Colorado Springs donned a wig and skirt this Tuesday to protest Target's bathroom policy that allows anyone to use either bathroom based on their "gender identity," even if it doesn't match their biological sex.

According to The Gazette, the bearded and obviously male Martone was asked to leave when he stood outside a SuperTarget dressed as a woman and protested.

But what happened when, just minutes later, Martone entered the store and walked straight into the women's restroom?



Martone says it proves his point that nobody is questioning men who are entering Target's women's restrooms, even when they're doing so little to appear transgendered.

Martone told The Gazette, "It's not right. They're making it easy for someone to spy on a woman or child using the restroom. Anyone can dress up like I have today and easily access the women's bathroom."

And as "Coach" David Deubenmire discovered a few weeks ago, employees aren't even allowed to question a man entering the women's restrooms who is making no effort to appear as woman and has never identified as a woman before that very moment.