Make Healthy Mealtimes a Breeze — For Babies to Big Kids

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Being a parent is a full-time job — and by full-time, we mean 24/7. The love you have for your children makes it all worth it, and there’s nothing better than seeing them smile, but let’s not pretend that things are always easy. Even something as simple and routine as feeding your children can cause tears and tantrums.

Some baby and toddler food options are simply not appealing, while others are too expensive or unhealthy. It can also be tedious and nerve-wracking to search every ingredient list for possible allergens. Why can’t something so important be a little more streamlined?

Little Spoon makes it possible! Little Spoon delivers fresh, healthy meals every week for your baby, toddler, and big children. These junk-free meals are made with nothing artificial — and one of the biggest priorities they have is food that TRULY tastes great (even to a parent’s palate). You only need to sign up for a meal plan or snack plan for your child. Answer a few questions about your child’s eating habits and restrictions to help you choose the right meal for them. These delicious meals for all ages can be delivered right to your home, so you don’t have to go to the grocery store.

Want to know more? We’ll give you a glimpse of a few of Little Spoon’s most popular options below!


Little Spoon

There are four types of babyblends to suit different eating stages. These organic, non-GMO meals range from fruit and vegetable purées for younger babies to transition meals with whole pieces of food for babies who are about to become toddlers or transition to table foods. They may love the Limited Edition Strawberry Rhubarb mix, but soon they will be excited about the Blueberry Purple Carrot Overnight Oats.


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Sign up for a Babyblends plan starting at just $2.74 per purée at Little Spoon!


Little Spoon

Go for a walk in a park? Going on a family road trip. Do you want to spend time with your family? Stay snack-ready! These smoothie pouches are easy to carry around and can be used whenever you feel hungry between meals. These smoothie pouches will be a hit with your child, including Cookies + Cream (made with organic chickpeas and oatmilk), and they are sure to become a favourite in your cooler bag. They’re for babies, toddlers and big kids!


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Get a Smoothies Plan starting at $2.50 per smoothie from Little Spoon!


Little Spoon

Do you have a toddler? They grow up so quickly! And now they need different foods — and are going to be more opinionated about them. That’s why these Plates are “picky eater approved,” offering low sodium, clean + nutritious meals that are still crave-worthy. With hidden veggies in every bite and physical veggies on the Plate to encourage healthy eating habits, Little Spoon’s Plates make it easy to build a future foodie. We’re talking tasty options like BBQ chicken, pancake puffs and even ravioli, all made with nutrition top of mind!


It’s there!

Get a Plates Plan starting at $4.99 per meal at Little Spoon!

You want more? Find out how to gift parents a Little Spoon Gift Card here!

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