Majority of Americans Say It’s Time to Place Term Limits on the Supreme Court

A new poll taken in the wake of the Supreme Court’s extremist decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and destabilize abortion rights across the country shows that a large portion of the American public think that it’s time to take action to rein in and reform the Court.

The Politico/Morning Consult Poll was taken directly afterThe Dobbs v. Jackson ruling Friday was the day it was handed downThe survey showed that 62 percent of Americans support term limits for justices. Only 23 percent are against it. Strong support was also found for A code of ethics that is binding on Supreme Court justices (69 percent) and supposedly “balancing” the Court with an equal number of Democratic, Republican and independent judges (53 percent).

Critically, the poll also showed that the public is supporting the addition of seats to the Supreme Court. This is a measure that Democrats as well as progressives have been calling to combat Republican court packing.

A majority of Americans support expanding the Supreme Court. This poll showed that 45 percent support the idea, while 38 percent are opposed. This is a far higher numberThis is more than the 26 percent of voters who supported the idea in a Morning Consult poll that was conducted in April 2021.

It’s also surprising that there is so many people who support the idea, especially considering the fact that the idea was not widely supported. largely unknown to the publicIt was only a few years ago. Notably, the Court had a record number of seats last year. was changed was in1869, just 80 years after the Court was established for the first time. This shift in public opinion is a sign that the public is willing to support transformative action in response to the extreme decisions that the Supreme Court has been making.

In response to the Court’s expansion, lawmakers have called for its expansion. Dobbs OtherRecent rulings as well as potentially upcoming rulingsThis could lead to the loss of rights such as gay marriage and contraception access.

Democrats Introduced a bill last fiscal yearThe Supreme Court would be given four additional seats with the hope of a Democratic majority. President Joe Biden opposesThis idea has frustrated progressives, particularly because Republicans have bentTo pack the Supreme Court with the current list of extremists, he changed rules for years.

In May, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) Introduced a bill that would require Supreme Court justices to be bound to a code of ethics, as the High Court is the only court in the country that’s not bound to ethics rules. Democrats are the only party that has a code of ethics. also introducedLegislation to create a nonrenewable 18-year term limit on Supreme Court justices. Supreme Court watchdogs.

Although none of these measures have been approved by Congress, progressives suggest a potential action: impeaching Supreme Court justices accused of lying during confirmation hearings.

On Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) Call forAccording to lawmakers, Justices Brett Kavanaugh (Neil Gorsuch) and Amy Coney Barrett will be impeached. This is because they all previously pledged, either in their confirmation or in private meetings, that they would uphold landmark precedents set by the Court. She also called for Justice Clarence Thomas to be impeached over his wife’s ties to conservative organizations and the January 6 attack.