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Major Update Surrounding Heather Locklear's Troubling Behavior, Millions of Fans Breathing a Sigh of Relief

June 30, 2018Jun 30, 2018

It appears that Heather Locklear may finally be getting the help she so desperately needs.

Sources close to Locklear and her family have told TMZ that Heather will be moved shortly from the psychiatric ward of a hospital where she has been since a recent overdose to a long-term care facility where she will be given the very best attention and care in dealing with her out-of-control substance abuse problem and other undisclosed mental health issues.

Heather’s downward spiral of late has been heartbreaking for her family and her fans. Once a beloved actress and the face of the smash hit television show ‘Melrose Place,’ Heather has hit a rough patch that has seemingly escalated beyond her control.

In just this past month of June alone, Locklear has been in and out of jail twice for viciously attacking her parents as well as a police officer and EMT. In addition to the arrests, Locklear has also been held in psychiatric wards on two different occasions relating to her brutal attacks as well alcohol and substance abuse.

While these episodes have been nothing short of devastating, the good news to spring from of all of this is that Heather seems to have finally acknowledged that she has a problem and is actively seeking help. Sources told TMZ that Heather volunteered to be admitted to the long-term care facility.

Please keep praying for Heather and her family! Pray that she turns her life around!