Major Update on Teens Who Harassed Elderly Couple, Attacked FDNY Firefighter

May 23, 2019May 23, 2019

Firefighters are some of the bravest men and women in public service. They put their lives on the line to save innocent people. We truly owe them a lot.

Sadly, one firefighter in New York was attacked by a bunch of kids when he decided to help out. The firefighter was defending an elderly couple that the kids were verbally attacking.

"A New York City Firefighter sustained a concussion and several broken teeth Saturday after police say he was assaulted while trying to stop a group of teens from harassing an elderly couple," reported Fox.

The firefighter stepped in to defend the couple when he was attacked. He was rushed to a hospital and treated for his injuries.

"The man reportedly tried to intervene -- and police say that’s when one unidentified member of the group punched the firefighter “with a closed fist,” knocking him to the ground. The suspect then continued assaulting the man while he was down, officials said," according to Fox.

Police immediately asked the public for help in identifying the teens and bringing them to justice. Now, there is some good news to report. Police have made an arrest in connection with the case.

"Damir Johnson, 17, was charged with one count of second-degree assault after police identified him as a member of the group that assaulted the firefighter, leaving that man with several broken teeth and a concussion. Cops released an image on Wednesday of the six suspects, but they didn't immediately identify which of the teens in the picture was Johnson," reported Fox.

Johnson was arrested following a tip from the hotline. Investigators questioned the young man and his family. Following the investigation, he was arrested at his home in Harlem. Please join us in praying for the injured firefighter as he continues to recover from the incident. We also pray that this type of thing never happens again.

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