Major Update on Matt Lauer: NBC Releases Findings of Investigation, Reveals Unsettling Details

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

Former TODAY anchor Matt Lauer has been the center of a massive sex scandal over the past few months. Last year, the popular, high-paid host was abruptly fired after several sexual misconduct allegations came to public knowledge.

Major new developments on Lauer were released Wednesday morning. The findings from the ongoing investigation were finally released to the public, which revealed extremely unsettling details.

An investigation team led by NBCUniversal general counsel Kim Harris was reportedly looking into four complainants’ allegations. During the investigation, roughly 70 interviews with current and former staff members took place, as well as more than 30 focus groups with over 260 employees.

According to PEOPLE, the investigation team “found credible the four complainants’ allegations that Lauer engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

The investigation also determined that TODAY executives and HR were not aware of Lauer’s inappropriate behavior before the anonymous woman came forward on November 27th, 2017. Although all of the accusations appeared to be true, there was no evidence that led investigators to confirm leadership knew of Lauer’s behavior and chose to ignore it, contrary to what some people initially believed.

However, leadership admitted staff members most likely felt that they worked in an environment where they felt "uncomfortable" reporting sexual assault incidents. In the company's eyes, they have come a long way since the Lauer fiasco, and additionally, vowed to continue to pursue positive changes. 

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