Major Update Emerges About Manhunt For Cop Killer

June 01, 2018Jun 01, 2018

It can be easy to forget the danger that police officers face every day when they go off to work. This was certainly the case in Tennessee on Friday, when officers awoke for what would be the final day of a three-day manhunt for an alleged cop killer. 

According to Fox News, the accused man was finally captured on Friday after a three-day hunt. Photos show what appears to be Steven Joshua Wiggins, 31, getting into a cop car after an arrest. It is clear that he has had an intense and difficult three days, as is evident by his ripped jeans and distressed facial expression. 

Fox describes the photo of Wiggins as him "appearing disheveled with ripped clothing and hanging out in the back of a cruiser." 

You can see the photo in the tweet below. 

According to reports, authorities declared the manhunt on Wednesday after Dickson County Sheriff's Sgt Daniel Baker was murdered after responding to a call about a suspicious car. The deputy's vehicle was eventually tracked by GPS. They ultimately discovered him in a wooded area that was about three miles away. Baker was dead inside of the vehicle. 

A video recording, however, allowed them to identify the suspect: Steven Joshua Wiggins. This is when they began looking for him, and they eventually did discover him nearby where the shooting occurred. 

When police responded to a call about the suspicious car on Wednesday, they were not responding to an ordinary situation. Apparently, Wiggins was already wanted on several charges after allegedly assaulting a woman and then stealing her car. When Wiggins killed Baker, the woman was with him in the car. She too was arrested on a murder charge, according to officials. 

Sadly, Wiggins was a very troubled man. Prior to the arrest, he had spent all night doing meth and smoking marijuana. 

Please pray for everybody, including Wiggins, who was involved in this tragic incident. 

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