Major Trump Ally, Former White House Staff Passes Away After Long Illness

May 21, 2018May 21, 2018

According to The Washington Times, a member of the Reagan White House has passed away. Ambassador Faith Ryan Whittlesey played an important role in conservative politics.

Whittlesey passed away on May 21 after a long bout with cancer. She was 79. Despite the severe nature of her illness, she remained active in conservative politics.

According to the Times, Whittlesey was an "early and enthusiastic supporter" of current President Donald Trump. She supported him in his presidential campaign, and she remained a staunch ally.

During her time in Ronald Reagan’s White House, she was his ambassador to Switzerland. She also played an important part in the Reagan Coalition.

She's notable for her effort to communicate the entirety of Reagan's foreign policy to U.S. opinion leaders. She also played an important role in bringing together evangelical, Catholic, and other conservative religious groups who opposed legalized abortion and were concerned about the loss of the sanctity of marriage.

She worked closely with Marine Lieutenant Col. Oliver L. North, who played a key role on Mr. Reagan’s National Security Council in the administration’s anti-communist initiative in Central America.

In addition to her role in the White House, Whittlesey was a force in Republican politics In Pennsylvania, serving in the commonwealth’s House of Representatives. She also served as a lawyer.

Her husband died in 1974. She is survived by two children, Amy and William, and 10 grandchildren. Her older son, Henry, a Harvard College graduate, died in 2012.

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