Urgent Safety Alert for People with Diabetes After Popular Product Recalled

July 12, 2017Jul 12, 2017

Recently, a product recall was issued for a popular diabetic treatment product. Diabetes affects tens of thousands of people in America and chances are you may have a family member or close friend who should be made aware of this recall.

A notice has been issued by the manufacturer of Novo Nordisk for their NovoPen Echo product and their NovoPen 5 product. In the recall, it states that the insulin cartridge holder may crack or break if exposed to certain chemicals.



Since most people clean their pens with a cleaning wipe or product, this is particularly important. The exposure to certain cleaning agents can lead to the cracking or breaking.

Novo Nordisk is urging people who may be affected to check their current pens against the faulty ones. A list of the batch numbers that are potentially at risk can be found here.


The company is asking everyone who uses one of their pens to please replace them as soon as possible if they find the numbers to match the list. If you own a pen that is not affected, Novo Nordisk says there is nothing to worry about and your pen should function as it should.

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