Major Recall Issued for Half a Million Trucks Over Faulty Poisonous Gas Emissions

July 31, 2018Jul 31, 2018

If you drive a Cummins diesel truck built between 2010-2015, you might be included in the latest recall issued by Cummins Inc.

The company has issued a recall of 500,000 U.S. trucks over a faulty emissions part that controls the amount of nitrogen oxide emissions are released from the engine. According to Reuters, the EPA found that the catalytic reduction systems in the vehicles were found to be less durable than required.

The defective part was discovered during emissions standards compliance tests by the California Air Resources Board. Cummins has agreed to “work collaboratively” with the regulator on the recall, Reuters reported.

The recall will be issued in two phases. The first will involve heavy-duty trucks in August, followed by medium-duty trucks next March.

Cummins is involved in another recall previously, affecting around 232,000 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks.

According to the EPA, this recall is the largest ever voluntary recall of trucks due to emissions problems. During testing, the catalytic reduction systems were discovered to be less durable than required.

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