Major News Source Criticized for Fake News After Posting President Trump’s ‘Resignation Letter’

June 13, 2017Jun 13, 2017

USA Today, major international news source, posted an opinion article recently that was criticized by many of their readers. USA Today does report more liberal-sided news, so this is not much of a surprise (see other USA Today opinion articles here). This particular piece gave a sample of what President Trump’s resignation letter would look like via Twitter, in the writer’s opinion.

The writer begins with a personal statement, “Everyone knows that if President Trump resigns, he’ll do it on here’s a letter of resignation from Trump to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It's about 4,338 characters that he can copy and paste into about 32 tweets any time he’s ready. Preferably sooner rather than later.” The statement is followed with a fake letter written in Trump’s perspective.

Throughout the article, it is very clear that the writer is mocking Trump. He makes multiple references to Trump calling out ‘fake news’, Hillary Clinton, and reiterating the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. Below are a few sentences from ‘Trump’s resignation letter':

“The vast majority of Americans know that my victory last November — record-breaking, really, a landslide, the largest election victory in history — my victory and policies are moving this country in the white, I mean, right direction again. America is GREAT again!”

“It’s true: Me and my people asked other intelligence services to pressure the FBI to stop investigating ties between my campaign and Russia. It’s true: I fired that showboater James Comey to put an end to the Russia stuff, FAKE NEWS. Just in case, I hereby pardon myself.”

“I know all the elite-coast Democrats and crooked media people are dreaming of impeaching me, of the day they can turn to me and say, “Donald, you’re fired.” Well, guess what? THEY’RE FIRED. I resign.”

The article seems like it was meant to be viewed as comical and humorous, but based on the Twitter comments, people did not respond in favor to the article.

Do you agree with the Twitter comments? Please click here to read the full USA Today article.