Major News About 97-Year-Old Prince Philip's Car Crash

February 14, 2019Feb 14, 2019

Prince Philip is an iconic member of the Royal family. He is currently 97-years-old and has been a staple in England for as long as many folks can remember.

Sadly, Prince Philip was involved in a major car accident a few weeks ago. His Land Rover collided with another vehicle and left both cars absolutely totaled.

Many people assumed that this was probably the last time Prince Philip was behind the wheel of an automobile. However, it seems that Prince Philip doesn't quite agree. In a stunning move, a brand new Land Rover was just delivered to his residence to replace the one that was wrecked! It is the exact same model as his damaged car.

"The 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh got his new ride delivered Friday to the Royal family's Sandringham Estate. Looks like he got the same model -- a Land Rover Freelander -- as the one he wrecked a day earlier, not far from Sandringham," reported TMZ.

Luckily, everyone involved in the wreck is expected to make a full recovery. We thank the Lord that everyone is okay. It truly is a miracle.

Now, major news is being released about the case. Officials have just decided not to charge Prince Philip with any sort of crime.

"The decision came just days after Buckingham Palace said the 97-year-old royal would stop driving. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II was driving a Land Rover near the royal family's Sandringham estate in eastern England when he smashed into another car on Jan. 17," reported Fox News.

"We took into account all of the circumstances in this case, including the level of culpability, the age of the driver and the surrender of the driving license," said Chris Long of the Crown Prosecution Service. "We have decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute."

Prince Philip reached out to the women in the other vehicle in the days after the wreck. He expressed his gratefulness that they were not injured worse than they were. Many people also took to social media to share their controversial opinions on the ruling.

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