Major Chocolate Company Announces Possible Salmonella Contamination, Issues Recall

June 12, 2017Jun 12, 2017

A few different products produced by Galaxy have been recalled due to the potential presence of Salmonella. The company said the new information about the possible contamination came while the company was performing routine testing on their products.

A Mars Chocolate spokesperson said: “Through our routine testing, we have detected the potential presence of Salmonella from the ingredients used to make our chocolate.”

Some of the most popular products to be included by the recall include Smooth Milk Chocolate bars, Minstrels and Teasers bars. The company has also released information on social media about its affected products.

“We are working closely with the relevant food safety authorities and our customers to ensure that the affected products are no longer available for purchase. If you have one of the products listed, you should not eat it. Please keep the product and contact our consumer care team to arrange return and reimbursement,” they said.

Mars Chocolate also said no other brands have been affected at this time. They are continuing to make sure the highest quality safety standards are being followed.

“No other brands or varieties of chocolate, pack formats, bar sizes or best before dates are affected.”

So, what do you think about this? Did you know about the recall? Do you eat these delicious bars?