Major Car Companies Warns Drivers Their Vehicle Might Burst Into Flames

November 03, 2017Nov 03, 2017

If you or someone you love drives a BMW, then you should let them know about the recall. The Japanese company has filed a recall for 1.4 million of its cars and SUVs due to risk that they could catch fire.

All of those 1.4 million cars were sold in North America. The company filed two recalls with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall covers versions of the 3-series, 5-series, X5, X3 and Z3.

The first recall is for 740,000 vehicles. In that recall, the engine there is a risk that the engine can short circuit and melt.

“This increases the chances of a fire, even when the vehicle isn't in use,” reported CNN Money.

In their filing, BMW contended they are not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the engine issue.

The second recall is for approximately 673,000 vehicles. It deals with faulty wiring for the heating and air conditioning system. In this case, there's also chance it can overheat, causing the electrical connectors to melt.

This leads to an increased chance that the vehicle catching on fire. The car would not have to be running for this to happen.

BMW said they have received four incident reports related to the engine and wiring issues. There have been three reports of injuries.

In both recalls, dealers will replace the necessary parts starting Dec. 18.

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