MAJOR Boycott Arising Against One Of World’s Largest Media Companies

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March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

Disney has been getting involved in a major political issue recently, causing people to boycott their company. Here are three reasons why:

1. News sources reported that Disney subtly displayed a same-sex kissing scene in a Disney XD children’s cartoon, ‘Star vs. the Forces of Evil’.

2. Disney revealed this week that the new film, Beauty and the Beast, will be featuring an exclusive gay moment between characters LeFou and Gaston.

3. In the future, a lesbian Disney princess may even be a possibility, according to the directors of Moana.

Because of Disney’s interest in supporting the LGBT community, many are already joining the #BoycottDisney club.

Another user wrote, "Regrettably I will have to #BoycottDisney. I love gay people but I don't support this agenda being shoved in kid's faces."

There is a petition you can sign to pledge in no longer seeing Beauty and the Beast and other Disney films. 

What are your thoughts on Disney’s involvement in this controversial topic?

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