Major Actor Thanks Fans for Prayer, Checked into Hospital for Chest Pains

October 27, 2017Oct 27, 2017

A major Hollywood actor is now thanking his fans for support following a stay I the hospital. The news came after a reported “heart scare” for the entertainer.

Tyrese, the musician, and actor, is reportedly healing. The news came after he thanked fans for the outpouring of love and prayers that he received.

"Guys……….. Me and my family appreciate your prayers and outpouring of love……" the beginning of the message read.

According to TMZ, Tyrese, checked into an unknown L.A. hospital on Thursday night, not long after he wrapped up a court appearance with his ex-wife. Reports have stated he had chest pains and also felt extremely dehydrated.

"Tyrese Gibson is in the middle of a very nasty custody battle with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, and the stress landed him straight to the hospital. Here are more details on how he is suffering from terrible chest pains," read a report from Celebrity Insider.

Reports showed he was treated with fluids. He also had some routine tests performed due to the chest pains he was experiencing. He also went to the emergency room at the time of the pain.

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