Mainstream Media Outlet BLASTS New York Times For Being So Anti-Trump

November 21, 2016Nov 21, 2016

This is an incredible world we're living in, folks, where Donald Trump is able to take on the entire D.C. establishment, the mainstream media, and the rest of the liberals in the country and become our next president. And where even the mainstream media is willing to blast one of their own for being so ridiculously biased against him.

In an opinion piece in The Hill — a renowned D.C. newspaper — the New York Times is taken to task for not learning their lesson from the election, even after strongly predicting a massive Hillary landslide and getting bombarded with five times as many complaints as usual.

Hill media reporter Joe Concha amazingly points out that even 13 days after the election, the Times is still publishing headline after headline that show an obvious liberal slant. In a dozen headlines from Monday's edition, only one of them doesn't appear to be anti-Trump.

"We're seeing the story written before our eyes of a media that ... hasn't learned a thing from its election coverage where it completely embarrassed itself to the point it may never recover from an integrity perspective," Concha writes.

And, he says, it's not just the Times that's doing it but also major news outlets across the spectrum that are writing with a tone that evokes "an overwhelming wave of negativity."

He then points out two positive Trump stories Monday that are getting almost no play outside of alternative media — how Trump is ahead of schedule with his cabinet appointments and how he publicly praised Democrat Chuck Schumer as a potentially much better senate minority leader than Harry Reid ever was.

Concha concludes with this advice for the supposedly unbiased mainstream media: "Be fair. It's a simple mantra. Unfortunately, advocacy journalism has no time or tolerance for such a foreign concept."

Read the entire piece here.

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