Mainstream Media in Hot Water for Their Coverage of Rev. Billy Graham's Funeral

March 03, 2018Mar 03, 2018

On Friday, March 2nd, Rev. Billy Graham’s funeral took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. The service for “America’s Pastor,” which was attended by several notable names including President Trump and Melania, was filled with powerful prayers, Bible scripture, and moving worship music.

The monumental day remembering Graham’s life of faith, God, and family was celebrated by millions across the world. However, the majority of the mainstream media gave this historical moment little air time.

According to a segment on Fox News, CNN covered Graham’s funeral for only 2 minutes and 12 seconds and MSNBC covered the event for 26 seconds. Fox’s coverage of the ceremony went on for 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Jenna Browder from Faith Nation appeared on Fox to discuss the mainstream media’s coverage of Graham’s funeral. In Browder’s analysis, she explained that other outlets should have covered the ceremony “more extensively” because Graham was such a highly-respected and influential figure to “people of all walks of life — Christians and non-Christians.”

“It’s no wonder the American people are losing faith in the media...That problem is that so many journalists in this country are so out of touch with the people of middle America and particularly people of faith and values that are so important to them,” Browder said.

Although Browder believes the lack of coverage was “appalling,” it was not surprising. She stated that recent studies have shown that the majority of reporters in the mainstream media do not identify with some type of faith.

“For that reason, [the mainstream media] has a hard time understanding people of faith and the issues that are important to them. Faith seems to be coming under attack day in and day out in this country,” Browder added, mentioning Joy Behar’s attack against Vice President Mike Pence’s relationship with Jesus.

Ultimately, Browder believes Graham would have preached unity during a divided time like this. Graham was bipartisan and strayed away from politics during his time of sharing the Gospel with the world.

She continued, “His whole message when he would go out and he would have these revivals it was, ‘God loves you,’ and that’s really the bottom line.”

Others agreed with Browder and the Fox News hosts. Several people took to Twitter to slam CNN and other news outlets for their lack of coverage on Graham’s funeral.

Watch the Fox News video below for more information:

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