Mainstream Media Ignores MASSIVE Rally After Police Shooting For THIS Reason

October 07, 2016Oct 07, 2016

There was a massive rally in southern California yesterday evening following a police-involved shooting. Hundreds of people lined the streets holding signs, people crowded onto freeway overpasses, and others stopped their cars on the freeway, lining the sides of the roadway and getting out of their vehicles to take part in what was going down.

And the mainstream media's news cameras were nowhere to be seen.

That's because the shooting that people were rallying over was not the death of a black man at the hands of a white officer. It was the reverse. Los Angeles County Sheriff Sgt. Steve Owen, 53, was gunned down when responding to a house burglary Wednesday in Lancaster. The man accused of killing him, 27-year-old Trenton Trevon Lovell, stood over the sergeant and shot him four more times in what has been described as an execution.


Lovell then reportedly stole Owen's patrol car and rammed it into another deputy's car before breaking into a home with two teens alone inside. Officers were able to apprehend Lovell without anyone else getting hurt.

In the response to the death of a beloved deputy who rode in parades on horseback, the community rallied together yesterday evening in a massive show of support. Hundreds of people lined roadways as a huge number of law enforcement vehicles led a processional for Owen's body. Firetrucks joined the people crowded on the freeway overpasses to raise American flags in support as other law enforcement officers en masse stood at attention and saluted their fallen comrade. Thin Blue Line flags were waved as well. Other people joined together for candlelight vigils and shed tears as they placed flowers on memorials.

Yet this morning coverage of the event is absent on the front pages of many major media outlets. More Black Lives Matter protests are featured instead. The Los Angeles Times appeared to give the rally little mention, even though it happened in their own backyard. One local media outlet, KTLA 5, gave the rally decent play, but it was really independent photographer Ken Koller who brought it to our attention on his Twitter feed with numerous, emotional photos of the event.

I guess it just didn't fit the liberal media's template.

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