Mainstream Media Host Goes BERSERK, Declares He'll Lead Open Resistance Against Trump

November 16, 2016Nov 16, 2016

Longtime mainstream media host and current GQ political commentator Keith Olbermann lost it today, going on an unhinged, insult-laden tirade on his show and calling for open resistance to everything Donald Trump does as president.

In a video not published directly on this page because of its language, Olbermann said of Trump's victory, "This evil is unfolding, like it or not. It can unfold and you can lie there or it can unfold and you can resist."

After blaming the Russians for the election results, calling Trump supporters white supremacists, and condemning Trump as a fascist, Olbermann declared, "This is not my president. This is not America's president either. And so we will resist."

He outlined how by saying, "Each statement of substance or policy or intent will be met with one of resistance. Each action or event staged by this man, who lost the popular vote, will be met with protests by that resistance. Each politician whom he fooled with the charm from one of his other personalities...will be rejected by that resistance."

Olbermann then declared he was volunteering himself to lead the resistance.

After claiming he's not calling for violence or an overthrow of the government, Olbermann yelled, "Just get this man out of here!"

He said Trump's presidency must be delegitimized and that voters are not bound to honor the outcome of the election. Earlier, Olbermann also made it clear that this tirade was just the first part of a series.

"Resist!" Olbermann held up his hand, then concluded, "Peace."

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