Mainstream Media Highly Prejudiced Against Trump

August 15, 2016Aug 15, 2016


Over the weekend, Donald Trump and his campaign manager both leveled charges at the mainstream media of being highly prejudiced against his campaign.

As an example, of 6 New York Times articles in the political section recently, all 6 were either critical of Trump or positive toward Hillary Clinton.

What is amazing is the unwillingness of the mainstream media to admit this bias. While a conservative publication might say, for example, "yes we are conservative", the mainstream media seems to deny it has a liberal bias. This is despite the fact that over 90% of D.C. journalists voted Democratic, according to a leading study reported by the Washington Times.

Another example, ABC News, has as its top headline a negative story about Trump's campaign manager (while totally ignoring Hillary's issues) and another headline referring to Trump's "struggling campaign."