Mainstream Media Goes Into Immediate ATTACK MODE On Trump's New Top Pick

December 02, 2016Dec 02, 2016

The mainstream media has been trying to dog pile President-Elect Donald Trump's pick for Defense Secretary, but it's hard to hold down someone described as the next Patton.

According to the New York Times, Trump picked retired general James "Mad Dog" Mattis, a hard-charging military leader who served in the Marines for four decades.

At his rally Thursday night in Cincinnati, Trump made the announcement, calling Mattis "the closest thing we have to General George Patton."


The mainstream media immediately tried to paint Gen. Mattis as a bloodthirsty fanatic.

The very first thing the Washington Post mentioned about him after naming him was his concerns with "political Islam."

During a speech last year to the Heritage Foundation about ISIS and Iran-backed terrorism, Mattis said, “Is political Islam in the best interest of the United States? I suggest the answer is no, but we need to have the discussion. If we won’t even ask the question, how do we even recognize which is our side in a fight?”

NBC News went back another decade, pulling out a single quote Mattis made about killing enemies where he said, "Actually it's quite fun to fight them, you know. It's a hell of a hoot. It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right up there with you. I like brawling."

The part NBC didn't mention was that Mattis was referring to the enemy combatants who beat up women and habitually oppress them.

CNN wrote an entire story about Mattis being on the board of a Theranos, a troubled Silicon Valley startup.

As for Mattis' experience with national defense issues, he's considered highly strategic and influential in military matters and calls Iran's radical leadership "the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East." The Obama administration has previously expressed that they feel he's too harsh in his views on Iran.

He's also been very vocal with his displeasure for how Obama handled ISIS and how the pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan has led to the rise of violent extremists.

Mattis is also a scholar, boasting an impressive collection of military history books that he credits for helping never be caught "flat-footed by any situation."

To be confirmed for the Defense Secretary position, though, Mattis would need to gain an exception from Congress in order to bypass a law that bars anyone who has been active in the military in the past seven years from serving in that position. An exception was granted once in 1950.

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