Mainstream Media Gives BEWILDERING Excuse For Not Covering Hillary Scandals

October 20, 2016Oct 20, 2016


Long-time ABC and NPR journalist Cokie Roberts gave a bewildering excuse why the mainstream media is not doing much coverage of the massive amount of corruption being exposed by the WikiLeaks releases.

During an interview on ABC news, Roberts said, "So [Trump] has had a whole series of hits against him and those [tapes and sexual misconduct allegations] have been the stories. I mean, you know, we would have otherwise had a lot of stories about Hillary Clinton than those WikiLeaks, but they kept being pushed out of the top of the news by his women and including putting his wife on television when it was starting to die down."

In other words, the mostly-unconfirmed accusations of sexual misconduct by Donald Trump take precedence over clear evidence of massive campaign corruption and collusion between Hillary's campaign, the DNC, the mainstream media, and the White House?

Aren't unproven sex scandals normally the fodder of tabloids, whereas deep corruption in government and the election process is what responsible journalists are supposed to love exposing?