Mainstream Media Outlet Gets Major Backlash After Attacking Sarah Sanders' Personal Appearance

November 03, 2017Nov 03, 2017

Earlier this week, David Horsey at the Los Angeles Times reported a story where he criticized the personal appearance of Sarah Sanders, the woman serving as President Trump's White House Press Secretary. He referred to the press secretary as a "chunky soccer mom." Upon request by Fox News, the L.A. Times did not immediately respond for comment.

According to Fox News, he wrote on Wednesday that Sanders doesn't look like the type of woman that President Trump would want to choose for a highly popular role. Rather, he said, Trump would prefer to have "sleek beauties" with "long legs" and high heels. 

Horsey then remarked that Trump's wife and daughter are closer to the type of woman that Trump would prefer to have at the podium, before claiming that Sanders looks very "chunky" and like a "soccer mom who organizes snacks for kids' games." 

He added, “Rather than the fake eyelashes and formal dresses she puts on for news briefings, Sanders seems as if she’d be more comfortable in sweats and running shoes.”

Sarah Sanders has proven to be an articulate and successful spokesperson for the president. She was promoted from deputy press secretary when Sean Spicer stepped down earlier this year. She is also the daughter of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and has been working in politics her entire adult life, earning her the respect of many leaders within the Republican Party. 

The L.A. Times has since removed all of the material referencing the personal appearance of Sarah Sanders. A personal note for Horsey has also been added. 

It reads, "I want to apologize to Times readers – and to Sarah Huckabee Sanders -- for a description that was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of our newspaper. It also failed to meet the expectations I have for myself. It surely won’t be my last mistake, but this particular error will be scrupulously avoided in my future commentaries. I’ve removed the offending description.”

AOL has reported on the backlash which the L.A. Times currently faces. According to the article, liberals and conservatives alike on social media were quick to jump to the defense of Sanders. Many have even suggested that Horsey be removed entirely from his job as a journalist with such a prominent publication.

Even many people who wouldn't normally like Sarah Sanders still came to her defense, claiming that although they may disagree with her on a political level, they still do not think she should be subject to attacks on her personal appearance.

The Washingtonton Examiner wrote that "There's a right way and a wrong way to criticize women. A sure-fire way to do it wrong: talking about their looks in the context of their jobs... This piece is especially tasteless in light of Horsey’s claims of being an advocate for women."

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