Madonna Sparks Fears With ‘Increasingly Unhinged’ Behavior And Drinking, New Rumor Says

It is MadonnaIs she going off the rails One report says she’s setting off alarms with her boozy Instagram posts. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Madonna’s Boozy Bench Presses!’

According to the National Enquirer, Madonna’s behavior is getting increasingly unhinged. The “Like A Prayer” singer recently posted a workout video where she stayed hydrated with gin. This is not a good idea for your workout.

A music industry source says, “This is unsettling on so many levels.” Other Instagram posts, including some about a milk bath and losing friends, are raising eyebrows across her fan base. “She’ll do anything to keep attention on herself,” a source concludes. “But the fear is booze might be what’s fueling this latest stunt.”

This is her craft

Taking a milk bath or drinking during a workout doesn’t even touch the top ten crazy things Madonna has done during her career. This is the exact same woman who once sold. 1.5 million copiesOf SexA book of nude photos featuring her and her friends, titled. Just last month, she caused a stir when she straddled Jimmy Fallon’s desk. She has stirred controversy at every step of her corner, and it’s a pivotal part of her brand.

This is a slap on Madonna just for the sake. This story finds the time to call her out for having an “ever-dwindling fan base.” She’s a legend, Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer, and is more than capable of still selling out shows. Considering the kind of shape she’s in at 63, it’s obvious that Madonna knows how to work out. Just because she drank gin in an Instagram video hardly means she’s drinking herself into the grave or anything.

Tabloids scrutinize Madonna’s Instagram page like few others. Every time she posts a photo, someone will call for help. Madonna is now in the next chapter in her career and Instagram posts that are unusual are a part thereof.

An obsession

In 2020, the Enquire claimed Madonna dumped boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams, but they’re still together. Later, it was reported that she refused to give Ahlamalik Williams a raise. It also reported in 2017 that Madonna was denying her children food.

At no point has this outlet ever had a handle on Madonna’s life. A single Instagram post containing a joke about gin is hardly evidence that she’s going off the rails. Her real fans know that public relations is a crucial part of her brand, so it’s best to ignore the fear-mongering.

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