Macy’s Employee Confronts Man In Woman’s Bathroom, The Store Responds By Doing THIS

August 02, 2016Aug 02, 2016

A man of faith who has worked at Macy’s for 26 years has been fired in response for speaking out against the retail store’s open bathroom policy in which they allow any person to use the bathroom of whichever gender they choose to identify with.

Javier Chavez is a practicing Catholic and was employed at the Macy’s store in Queens, New York as a senior detective. According to the Christian Post, Chavez was fired after revealing to the store that their bathroom policy went against the teachings of his faith.

The incident began in May when a woman complained to Chavez that a man was in the women’s bathroom and it made her and her daughter uncomfortable. Chavez had one of his security personnel tell the man to leave the woman’s bathroom. The man then complained to management and told them that he identified as a woman.

Chavez was pulled aside by the managers of the store and told that the customers could use whichever bathroom they wanted to. Chavez was disturbed to learn of the policy. “I advised her that this was against my religion and contrary to the Bible,” Chavez wrote in his religious discrimination case. “I also mentioned that I would not like my young daughters to be in the bathroom with a male inside.”

Shortly after the incident, Chavez was fired from the store. “After my employer learned that I was a practicing Catholic, with religious concerns about this policy, I was terminated because of my religion.”

Macy’s denies that the firing took place because of Chavez’s religion but according to Chavez he never specifically said that he would not enforce the store’s policy.