Mackenzie Dipman Shocked Carl Radke Is Back With Lindsay Hubbard

Mackenzie-Dipman-Shocked-Ex-Carl-Radke Engagement Lindsay Hubbard

Mackenzie Dipman; Carl Radke; Lindsay Hubbard.
Casey Durkin/Peacock, Cindy Ord/NBCUniversal

How she saw it. Mackenzie DipmanIs more surprised than anyone that her ex boyfriend is her ex-boyfriend Carl Radke rekindled his romance with now-fiancée Lindsay Hubbard.

“I never, ever, ever saw anything romantic on his end towards her,” the Love Island USA26-year-old alum told Page SixJust before the Summer HouseStars got engaged on Saturday August 27th. “I was truly shocked [they got back together].”

Radke, a 37 year-old Arizona native, was a date to Radke in summer 2021. Hubbard, 36 years later, reunited them later that same year. “The way he had looked at her when we were together was not the way that I would want to be looked at,” the “Out of His League” podcast host added. “It was the most platonic look of all time. It wasn’t romantic. But you know what? They seem incredibly happy and good on them.”

Us WeeklyOn Sunday, August 28th, Loverboy vice-president of sales and publicist, confirmed that they were engaged at Dune Beach in Southhampton. Bravo cameras captured the happy moment, which aired during season 7 of Summer House.

The couple had been friends for many years before they began casually dating in 2019’s season 4. After their initial hookup, they split up. Use exclusively confirmed in January that they’d decided to give their romance another shot.

“I’m happy to report, we are dating and things are really good,” Radke exclusively told UsAt the time. “We’re very happy. She’s someone that’s been an incredible support and part of my life [for years].”

The businessman noted that the pair’s relationship had only gotten stronger after he took some time to focus on his sobriety. He did not film the episode. Winter HouseSpinoff in February 2021 to allow him to focus on his mental health.

“Lindsay’s and I’s relationship has grown immensely in the last year because of my sobriety and where I’m at. Things have gotten more romantic,” the reality star explained in January. “I’m very happy. Where we are right now, we’re just happy.”

The couple hinted earlier this year that a wedding was in the cards after moving in together. “Obviously, I think I do want to get married to her,” Radke told Us. “I’ll be honest. I do want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Hubbard, for her portion, said that the two of them are still trying to figure where they stand regarding another topic: children. “[Carl] used to tell me all the time that he wanted five kids and I was like, ‘Every guy says that though, right?’” the Bravo personality explained, adding that she’d be happy with two or three little ones. “Then you have one and you’re like, ‘OK, I’ll take another one and then you have another one, and then they’re like, ‘OK I’m good with that.’”