Lysa Terkeurst's Husband Opens Up About Wife's Forgiveness For His Cheating

December 28, 2018Dec 28, 2018

It is an incredibly hard place to be, and many women (and men) have found themselves there: discovering infidelity and that the trust of their marriage has been completely betrayed.

Popular Christian author Lisa Terkeurst found herself in that position, and the betrayal had to endure public scrutiny. Terkeurst is the leader of women's ministry Proverbs 31 and is a mother of five. She has written numerous books, including the latest, "It's Not Supposed to Be This Way."

Last year, she shocked fans by revealing the separation from her husband, Art Terkeurst, after discovering his infidelity and that he did not want to change. In June of 2017, Lisa shared: "This perspective on love has been a lifeline during the most painful season and decision of my adult life. I so wish we were sitting face-to-face so you could see my tears and hear the deep grief in my voice as I share this with you. My husband, life partner and father of my children, Art TerKeurst, has been repeatedly unfaithful to me with a woman he met online, bringing an end to our marriage of almost 25 years. For the past couple of years, his life has sadly been defined by his affection for this other woman and substance abuse. I don’t share this to harm or embarrass him, but to help explain why I have decided to separate from him and pursue a divorce. God has now revealed to me that I have done all I can do and I must release him to the Savior."

Fans were shocked, and she received both sympathy and criticism. But after an incredibly tough year, Terkeurst shocked fans again, this time by revealing her and Art's reconciliation. "A gift. A hard prayed for and fought for, glorious, messy, miraculous, honest, treasured gift of together. Happy Father’s Day Art! The way you have pursued the Lord, healing, and us… is evidence of God’s supernatural grace and goodness," Lysa shared.
"I’m praying for everyone praying for a miracle today. God has a plan but it will probably unfold in a way you never thought it would,” she prayed.

Fans were shocked, most elated, but some also wondering if she made the right decision. Many others have been cheated on and have not ever experienced their partner truly changing. But Lisa is taking Art at his word, and the two recently renewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony, shares the Christian Post.

During the touching renewal, Art shared his profound gratitude for his wife's forgiveness. “The way that you have loved me with grace and forgiveness gives me an undeniable understanding and perspective of how much God loves me,” Art Terkeurst said, “and what He did for me on the cross, you have lived out in my life. You never gave up, you disarmed all of the dark with your grace and forgiveness.”

Lysa Terkeurst responded with a cracking voice, “You, Art, are the great love of my life, I’ve never known love like this apart from you, and I never want to know this love without you. ‘Together’ is my favorite word for us, and what a together we have.”

After the reconciliation, Terkeurst shared that many had asked her why she chose to stay. She responded on Instagram. “Forgiveness is a process,” she said. “Healing is a long journey. And I’ll never ever criticize another person for choices they made that were different than mine when placed in the same horror and heartbreak as me. Or maybe they had no choice at all. I have nothing but tender love and understanding. It’s a brutal walk.”

“So why did I stay? I was given that chance," shares Terkeurst, with a picture of her and her husband, as she cradled a baby. "I love Art. And I’ve discovered imperfect love is still full of sacred possibilities, redemptive strength, its own kind of purity, and moments like the one pictured here.”

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