Luke Skywalker Actor Pressures Girl To Abort His Grandchild...But Then THIS Happens

September 20, 2016Sep 20, 2016

Thank God for "medical mishaps" like this. A young LA model was dating the son of actor Mark Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker in the original "Star Wars" movies). She quickly became pregnant and told Nathan right away. But he wanted an abortion. And so did his famous parents.


But Maegan had already had an abortion before, and she had suffered months of depression from it. She knew she didn't want to go through that again. But due to immense pressure from the Hammil's, Maegan agreed. Thankfully, the medical abortion she attempted (through pills) did not work. So instead, the family pressured her further, even making an appointment for her to get an abortion, disguised as an ultrasound appointment, reports Life Site News.

Nathan's mother, Marilou, wrote Maegan an e-mail saying the only way she'd have a chance with her son was through an abortion.  "So to have a relationship with him (or not): you go with him in the am [to the abortion appointment] ... That is the only option now,” Marilou wrote. “With baby, you won't see him; without baby, you will."

Thankfully, Maegan refused and gave birth to Autumn, for whom she is now seeking support from Nathan. “Abortion will never be for me, as I found out when I went through the first surgical one that I had,” Meagan said. “I shouldn't have even let Nathan pressure me into taking the abortion pill, but I felt terrified at the thought of being abandoned while pregnant.”

Life Site News points out that while abortion is touted as "a woman's right to choose," often women feel very pressured like Maegan. We thank God she chose life! Hopefully the Hamill's will have a change of heart and have a good relationship with Autumn.