Family Member of Missing 5-Year-Old Arrested, Suspect Had Long History of Police Encounters

February 24, 2018Feb 24, 2018

5-year-old Lucas Hernandez has now been missing from his Wichita, Kansas home for more than a week. As reported earlier, Lucas’ 26-year-old stepmother, Emily Glass, was the last person to see him; the child was reportedly in his bedroom before she hopped in the shower and took a nap.

The local police force and the FBI are both involved in the search. So far, authorities have thoroughly searched the home, neighborhood, and nearby parks, but there has been no sign of little Lucas.

A few days after Lucas suddenly went missing, Glass — the stepmom, was arrested on two charges of child endangerment, reported ABC7. The arrest came in response to “new information gathered during this investigation,” but specific details were not immediately released. However, it is known that one charge is related to Lucas and the other charge is related to an unidentified 1-year-old child.

According to ABC News, Lucas’ stepmom also had a long history of police encounters, specifically in regards to domestic violence. Prior to Lucas’ disappearance, police were called to the home several times.

In February 2016, Lucas’ father, Jonathan Hernandez, refused to press charges on Glass after she hit him in the face over an argument revolving around a bar tab. He reportedly did not want to send her to jail.

In April 2016, Glass told Hernandez that one of her male friends sexually assaulted her, which resulted in another argument. Glass threw a shoe at Hernandez and held an ax handle while they were fighting. Police found Hernandez with a bloody nose and Glass with bruises on the side of her head. Glass was eventually convicted of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Police records showed two more disturbances in November 2016 and December 2017, one in which Lucas’ biological mother, Jamie Taylor, was present at the scene. Little details were provided, but Glass accused Taylor of assault; however, no evidence confirming her accusation was discovered.

Authorities are still searching for the young boy and say the family is cooperating throughout the investigation. Lucas’ father reportedly believes that his son is still alive.

This story is developing and will be updated as more information is released to the public. If you live in the area and know of any details regarding this case, please call 911 immediately.

Please pray for Lucas Hernandez’s safe return. In other breaking news, a beloved TV mom passed away recently.

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