Here Are Six Doctor Recommended Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Without Medication

July 23, 2018Jul 23, 2018

If you struggle with high blood pressure, you know that its effects can be extremely damaging. It can harm your arteries, heart, kidneys, and brain, and can ultimately increase the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke. While many people take medication to lower their blood pressure, Dr. Ron Blankenstein and Dr. Jennifer Haythe gave six recommendations on how to lower blood pressure with simple lifestyle changes. They went on the TODAY show to talk about their recommendations.

Below are the six lifestyle change recommendations:

1. Weight Loss

The doctors said that an increase in body weight leads to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, any amount of weight loss, even just five to ten pounds, will have a positive impact on blood pressure.

2. Improve Diet

Dr. Haythe said, "You have to stick to real foods, which are foods that haven't been taken by a company and processed and put in a box or plastic bag."

3. Limit Salt

Dr. Blankenstein recommends that individuals consume less than 2 grams, or less than one tablespoon, of salt per day for people who are trying to lower their blood pressure.

4. Increase Physical Activity

The doctors recommended cardio training over weightlifting and said that people should aim for at least 10,000 steps a day, as well as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week.

5. Limit Alcohol Intake

The American Heart Association advises no more than two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women, although Dr. Blankenstein added that people trying to lower blood pressure should attempt to eliminate alcohol altogether.

6. Manage Stress

Stress will look different for each individual, and therefore ways to manage it will look different. Some may find that stress is relieved through exercise, rest, prayer, etc. 

What do you think about these suggestions? If you know someone who struggles with high blood pressure, share this information with them! In other recent news, Melania stepped off of the plane wearing one of her most unique outfits yet and people are obsessing over it! What do you think about it?