Five-Time World Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist Dies After Stroke

June 06, 2019Jun 06, 2019

The news was just confirmed that a world champion athlete has passed away. Lowell North, an Olympic gold medalist and five-time world champion, died at the age of 89.

Lowell North was known around the globe as an amazing sailor. Not only did he win several world championships in the sport, but he also was an entrepreneur and founded North Sails, the largest sailmaker in the world.

North’s daughter, Julie, confirmed that the sailor passed away after having a stroke. According to NY Times, he had had several strokes in the past as well.

North began sailing as a young boy, fixing up his first sailboat at the young age of 14. A year later, he was on the crew with Malin Burnham for the 1945 Star Class world championships.

Over a decade later, North found major success through competition. He won four world championships in 1957, 1959, 1960, and 1973. In the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics, he won a bronze medal.

At the next Summer Games, North won the gold medal. At around that time, he started pursuing making sails more consistently.

Historian John Rousmaniere said,  “He approached sailing and sail making in a more scientific way, which led to advantages. He was a real scholar of that technology, which was quite complicated.”

Please pray for North's family during this time. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, a Grammy Award-winning musician just passed away after suffering a heart attack. Please keep his family in your prayers as well.