Love Is Blind’s Shaina Denies Natalie’s Shayne Romance Claims

Her side of the story. Love is blindStar Shaina HurleyShe said that she never reestablished a relationship with him. Shayne Jansen, despite Natalie Lee‘s claims to the contrary.

“The thing with me and Shayne — and I think the audience will be able to see it, and they kind of saw it before — it was strictly platonic,” the hairstylist, 32, exclusively told Us WeeklyPrior to the Friday, September 16 premiere ofLove is blind: After the Altar. “Like, we’re buddies. We’ll check up on each other, you know what I’m saying?”

Shaina Hurley, Shayne Jasen, and Natalie Lee
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Natalie, 30, and Shayne, 33, dated off and on for “several months” after they decided not to wed during the season 2 finale of Love is blindThe film premiered in February. During After the Altar, the consulting manager claimed that her ex betrayed her trust by sending flirtatious messages to Shaina, with whom he’d connected in the pods.

Shaina, on the other hand, said Use that this wasn’t an accurate characterization of her relationship with Shayne. “We’ve never hung out alone or anything,” she explained. “There’s no validity.”

The Netflix personality also denied Natalie’s allegations during After the AltarTelling Danielle Ruhl that her and Shayne’s communication was “purely” friendly. “The most scandalous message that we probably have is like, ‘Sweet baby,’ or I don’t know, I think that’s the craziest one,” she explained. “It’s just disgusting that she’s still trying to tear me down when I’ve done nothing to her.”

After you have left Love is blindShaina was married to Jeremy Chris Lardakis, who also denied Natalie’s account of anything untoward happening between his wife and her ex.

Love Is Blind’s Shaina Hurley: My Relationship With Shayne Jansen Was ‘Strictly Platonic’ Despite Natalie Lee’s Claims

Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley on ‘Love Is Blind.’
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“I don’t like fake drama,” the Kanela Breakfast Club founder, 40, exclusively told Use. “I know Shaina, and she would never do something like that, regardless if it was with me or anyone else.”

The restaurateur also has no problems with Shayne, whom he’s met. “He’s such a nice guy,” Christos explained. “He’s like a bro, like a good guy to, like, hang out with. But I couldn’t see any chemistry.”

During After the Altar, Shayne also questioned Natalie’s version of events, saying that he doesn’t think he’s ever exchanged any overly flirty messages with Shaina.

“I don’t fully understand what was scandalous about me and Shaina DMing each other, you know, I see a Story [and] I comment,” he told the cameras. “When it comes to Natalie, if I blinked at Shaina, it would probably be ‘scandalous.’ She never was able to move on from it. Never.”

After the Altar, Love is Blind:Netflix now streaming.

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