Love Is Blind’s Cole Barnett on Similarities to Matt Barnett

Cole Barnett
Ser Baffo/Netflix

Are you looking for two of the same? Cole BarnettHe has begun his search for true love Love is blind season 3 — fans already see an uncanny connection to a former star.

“Cole has joined the league of frat boys,” a social media user tweeted on Wednesday, October 19, sharing a photo of Cole, 27, next to snaps of alums Matt Barnett and Shayne Jansen.

Another noted: “How is cole a mix of Barnett and Shayne like he even has the surname Barnett? Himbos are being mass produced for this show s2g.”

Love Is Blind Cole Barnett Reacts to Fan Theory That He Is Related to Matt Barnett
Cole Barnett/Instagram

Netflix then got in on the joke, sharing side-by-side snaps of Matt, 31, and Cole with the caption, “Every season needs a Barnett.” The two pics featured both Barnetts wearing blue shirts during confessional interviews on the dating series.

While the streaming platform — which dropped its first batch of new Love is blind episodes on Wednesday — confirmed there was no relationship between the two reality TV personalities, Cole weighed in on the theories.

“I guess he’s the brother I never knew I had 🤷‍♂️,” the realtor quipped via Instagram Story on Thursday, October 20, resharing Netflix’s meme.

Matt, who got married Amber PikeDuring the season 1 finale Love is blind also reacted to the pair’s resemblance. “I did live right outside of Dallas for a few years in my early 20s. … Just sayin,” he replied via Instagram comment.

Love is blind season 3 takes place in Dallas, and Cole is one of the suitors hoping to find his future spouse. He quickly forms relationships with Colleen Reed Zanab Jaffrey, which had fans drawing comparisons to Matt’s own love triangle with Amber, 30, and Jessica Batten. (While the Georgia native was ultimately proposed to by the construction manager, Jessica, 36 got engaged. Mark CuevasBefore they called off their wedding. She was married since then. Dr. Benjamin McGrath.)

Love Is Blind Cole Barnett Reacts to Fan Theory That He Is Related to Matt Barnett 4

Matt Barnett

Colleen, 25, is smitten with Cole after a few early conversations, but he realized the former ballet dancer wasn’t The One because she hesitated to discuss deep subject matters. “I don’t want to say I’m shallow or anything but I like to keep things surface-level and fun because that’s who I am,” Colleen replied.

Cole eventually dumped the PR strategist, noting in a confessional that they would have “amazing sex and hot babies” but be “poor.” He later proposed to the 31-year-old flight attendant. Colleen, on the other hand, got engaged. Matt BoltonAfter connecting in the pods.

Love is blind Netflix is streaming the series and new episodes will be released every Wednesday.