21-Year-Old Opens Fire, Kills Parents & At Least 3 Others in Nightmare Shooting Spree

January 26, 2019Jan 26, 2019

Tragedy struck the state of Louisiana on Saturday morning, January 26th after a 21-year-old, Dakota Theriot, opened fire in two separate locations. According to CNN, Dakota began his nightmare shooting spree by shooting and killing both of his parents, 50-year-olds Elizabeth and Keith Theriot.

When local authorities arrived at the scene, Elizabeth and Keith were still alive so they were able to identify the shooter — their own son. Sadly, Dakota’s mother and father died shortly after first responders arrived.

After murdering his parents, Dakota reportedly shot and killed three others — Billy, Summer, and Tanner Ernest — in a neighboring town. The ages of these three victims were not immediately released, but one of the victims was apparently a friend of the shooter.

The suspect remains at large as of 5:00 PM Saturday evening. The local police force is searching for Dakota, who is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Dakota is facing several charges including two counts of first-degree murder, illegal use of weapons, and home invasion, reported CNN. Other charges will likely be added as this story unfolds.

Currently, few details are known. The public is still waiting for authorities to release a motive. Please stay tuned for updates.

Also, please keep the victims’ families in your prayers! May God bring peace and justice regarding this tragic situation.

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