Louisiana Makes AWESOME Decision On Abortion

April 08, 2016Apr 08, 2016

You know the old phrase, "Why don't you sleep on it?" Waiting a bit of time before making a big decision can make all of the difference. And thankfully, Louisiana lawmakers believe that extending the waiting time for an abortion can make all the difference in saving a baby's life.


Life Site News reports that Louisiana just became the 5th state to have a 72 hour waiting period for an abortion. This means that you can't just go to a clinic and get an abortion on the spot; you have to make an appointment for at least 72 hours in the future (though there is an exception for woman who live more than 150 miles from a clinic).

Lawmakers believe that extending the waiting time will save babies' lives, as women get a chance to really think through the decision. Both fortunately and ironically, over a quarter of the votes came from Democrats. While it's good that they voted for it, doesn't it kind of imply that they see something negative about abortion?

In any event, we are so happy to hear that this bill has passed. While it's not as good as abortion being completely illegal, it is certainly a step forward. Can we pray together that women contemplating abortion in Louisiana will have changes of heart in those 5 days? Thank you so much! Let us know what you think about the bill in the Comments!