Losing Friends Over ‘Nasty Habits’

2021 was a busy one for Kelly Clarkson. She hosted her own talk show and won another season of the Emmy Awards. The Voice, and navigating a difficult divorce from Brandon Blackstock, the tabloids’ interest in her has been at an all-time high. We sifted through all the gossip to find the top Kelly Clarkson rumor. Let’s take another look at the wild story.

Kelly Clarkson Alienating Friends With Her ‘Nasty Habits’?

The following was published in April Globe reported Kelly Clarkson’s social circle was shrinking, and it was all because of the American Idol winner’s “potty mouth.” Apparently, Clarkson’s unsavory behavior was getting worse as her divorce from Brandon Blackstock progressed. “She’s constantly making potty jokes and seems to get a rise out of shocking people,” an insider dished. “People are urging her to scale back on the belching, farting, and gross anecdotes because they’re a turnoff and make her look trashy.”

The story of how she used a trashcan to go to the toilet was one that the singer retold over and over again. Sources claim she was making Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani uncomfortable. Her fellow Voice coaches were “thinking twice before inviting her to social events,” according to the snitch. Clarkson didn’t seem to be able to hear any of this. “As long as she’s got an audience, she’s just going to keep on doing !” the tipster exclaimed.

Kelly Clarkson Losing Friends Because Of Her ‘Potty Mouth’?

This story was completely distasteful. Clarkson shared an anecdote about having to use a trashcan backstage during a concert as the basis for this rumor. It wasn’t a stunt or something she looked back on fondly, but rather an emergency situation where she did what she had to do.


But moreover, she likely wouldn’t have even shared the story if her talk-show guest, Clint Black, hadn’t brought up his own experience of using the bathroom on-stage first. Clarkson was only trying to relate to her guest, and it likely made him feel more comfortable speaking about the taboo subject.

This was an isolated incident. While the magazine wanted its readers to think Clarkson has a fondness for pooping in public, that just isn’t the case. Clarkson has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for over a decade, and she doesn’t have a reputation for being “gross” or having a “potty-mouth.” And since the tabloid has since abandoned this story altogether, it’s safe to say there was never any truth to it. All the outlet aimed to do was insult Clarkson — which is just sleazy journalism at its finest.

The Tabloid on Kelly Clarkson

The GlobeKelly Clarkson’s performance this year was repeatedly a miss. The tabloid reported that Clarkson was driving a wedge in the relationship between Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani back in February. Then the outlet alleged the singer’s friends were urging her to go to a “fat farm.” And more recently, the magazine alleged Clarkson was furious at Shelton and Stefani for not inviting her to their wedding. Evidently, the Globe isn’t reliable at all when it comes to Clarkson.