URGENT: Popular Medicine Recalled After Study Discovers Cancer Causing Link

November 13, 2018Nov 13, 2018

Millions of Americans take prescription drugs on a daily basis. While many of the drugs taken each day are helpful, some can have horrible side effects.

Now, a recall is being issued for a popular drug that has many people checking their medicine cabinets. According to reports, contamination concerns have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to issue a voluntary recall on a widely used blood pressure medication.

"Sandoz, the pharmaceutical company that makes the drug Losartan, announced the recall after trace amounts of a possible cancer causing chemical were found. The recall applies only to 100 milligram/25 milligram tablets of the drug with a Lot number of JB8912, distributed after October 8, 2018," reported Kristv.com

This recall is huge news. It comes just weeks after another blood pressure medicine was recalled for other negative issues. Please share this with anyone you know who may be taking this medication.

"Anyone with questions regarding this recall can contact Sandoz Inc. at 1-800-525-8747 Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST) or email usdrugsafety.operations@novartis.com," reported Kristv.com.

If you believe you are taking this medication, please contact a health professional immediately and alert them to your situation. At this time, no negative official reports have been confirmed regarding patients and cancer. Join us in praying that this recall is successful and protects all patients from future illnesses.

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