Lori Loughlin Spotted By the Paparazzi, Breaks Silence on College Cheating Scandal

March 31, 2019Mar 31, 2019

Lori Loughlin has become a household name in recent weeks. While she was already famous for playing Aunt Becky on "Full House," Loughlin is now making headlines for her personal decisions.

It was recently announced that she and her husband had paid to get their children into USC as recruits for the crew team. The only catch was that her daughters weren't actually athletes at all.

The entire thing was part of a massive college admissions scheme that was taking place across the country. However, Loughlin is one of the biggest names to get caught up in the scandal.

After the news broke a few weeks ago, Lori has been quiet about the story. However, TMZ reported a video of a paparazzi catching her after a yoga class in California.

"The 'Fuller House' star was leaving a yoga session in Brentwood Saturday when the paps hit her up with some questions about her alleged involvement in the scandal ... and if she's fearing prison time," wrote TMZ.

She was walking to her car when they questioned her about the scandal.

"Lori was polite but firm -- she ain't talking. She did seem like she genuinely appreciated the camera guy wishing her well, though ... she even called him 'honey,'" according to the report.

She even told the man that he could follow her around all day but she wasn't going to be saying a word. This is getting pretty intense! She is sure to be very stressed about all the consequences headed her way.

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