Lori Harvey Breaks Down How She Lost Weight Post-Breakup

Lori Harvey.
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It’s hot girl summer! Lori Harvey opened her mouth toUseAbout her weight loss and exercise strategies following her recent split and viral TikTok.

“I try not to restrict myself too much. I like to eat what I want to eat, but I just eat it in moderation so for the majority of my days, I’ll do healthy eating — my green juices and,​​ of course,​ I’ll do my Pilates or I’ll go workout at the gym,” Harvey, 25, exclusively told Us WeeklyWhile promoting the opening WAKUDA at The Venetian Las Vegas. “I like to go to Dogpound, I do hikes, things like that. I like to do really just smaller portions has been the key for me.”

After Harvey revealed in a recent video that she gained 15 pounds of “relationship weight” during her romance with now-ex Michael B. Jordan – “It was horrible, none of my clothes fit, it was just not OK,” she said in an April TikTok – she shared how she lost the weight via Pilates, working out five to six times a week and consuming 1,2000 calories in a day.

Many were outraged after seeing the SKN by LH founder’s video that revealed her extreme caloric deficit. She laughed when she was asked about it. “That was only just, like, when I’m in diet mode and I try to slim down, then I’ll try to restrict my calories a little bit to drop weight, if that’s what I’m trying to do,” Harvey told Use. “But for the most part, no, when I’m just maintaining, I still eat what I want, I’m just mindful of my portions.”

The model continued: “Everybody’s body type is different … figure out what caloric intake works for you to maintain and then whatever your maintenance caloric intake is, you want to do a bit less than that so you can drop weight.”

Lori Harvey Breaks Down Her Healthy Exercise and Diet Approach After Viral Weight Loss Video

Lori Harvey.
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Harvey’s passion for skincare is evident, along with her love for fitness and health. Harvey’s skincare line SKN by LH, which launched in October 2021, is a five-step skincare regimen including a peptide eye complex cream and clarifying cleanser.

“Skn was inspired by my own skin issues that I was having growing up. I have a skin condition called rosacea, so I have really really sensitive skin, and can’t use a ton of skin products that are on the market,” she told Use. “I tried to get my skin back healthy because I’m modeling and it’s a lot of wear and tear on my face from just doing shoots and all the makeup brushes, so I had really bad acne. My skin was very sensitive to it. I was using so many different products trying to get my skin back healthy and glowing and I just wanted an easy step-by-step skincare routine.”

Harvey even hinted at an expansion and some new products coming out soon: “We’re gonna revamp the brand and do an official relaunch on the one-year anniversary so I’m excited. Some really fun things coming this year.”

When asked about any other plans, the model said, “I am working on another project that is coming very, very soon. I can’t share too much yet, but it’s definitely going to be a summer hit. I’ll say that.”

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