Loretta Lynch PRAISES Protests That Erupted Into Riots In Charlotte

September 22, 2016Sep 22, 2016

For a second night, protesters took to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina to express their anger over the police shooting of an armed black man — by a black officer — and things quickly dissolved into a full-fledge riot. Shocking footage shows brutality, violence, and destruction wrought upon the city in the name of racial social justice.

Today, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch addressed the situation, briefing condemning the violence but also praising the intents of protesters who rapidly turned to smashing up businesses, throwing rocks at police, and refusing to comply with police orders to disassemble until they were hit with tear gas.

According to The Olympian, Lynch assured the protesters she supported their message, saying, "We need your voice, we need your passion and we need your commitment."

She added to the protesters, "Those who are exercising, the most fundamental of freedoms, we hear your voices and we feel your pain."

What about the pain of the white man brutally beaten in a parking garage simply for being white, or the homeless man who was attacked for the same reasons, or the TV photographer who was beaten and nearly dragged into a street fire, or the female reporter who was shoved to the ground when she tried to help him? What about the pain of the officers who were injured while trying to protect their city? Or the pain of the business owners having to clean up their shattered shops and hotels in the aftermath? Or the community as a whole, where people were advised to not go to their jobs downtown today because it was unsafe.

Lynch also seemed to put the responsibility for the violence on all Americans rather than calling out the rioters for being brutal, racist, lawless thugs, saying, "I urge all Americans to ask themselves what they can do to contribute to the more peaceful, the more perfect and the more just union that is our shared heritage, that is our mutual responsibility and that is our common goal.”

What do you think of this?