Looting and Lawlessness Rampant After Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017Sep 12, 2017

Fox News reports that owners on one of the Caribbean Islands currently torn apart by Hurricane Irma believe that the government should send the Marines and increased patrol to combat the robbers and looters terrorizing civilians. 

Throughout the island, men with guns and machetes are reportedly terrorizing both residents and tourists. Other men are on piers and stealing bounty off boats and ships carrying aid to the devastated community.

The looting is so bad that many residents, if they are living in particularly dangerous areas, cannot even sleep in peace. Residents on the island claim that they have to hide in their homes during the night in fear that robbers will break into their homes. If they aren't breaking into homes then they are surely roaming the streets, making it very unsafe to step outside during the night. 

Popular tourist destinations are particularly vulnerable to looting. Frontstreet, a popular shopping destination for tourists who arrive from cruise ships, was terrorized when looters broke into a customs office. After they broke into the customs office they reportedly stole weapons. In locations throughout the island, looters are breaking into stores and stealing whatever they can get.

Unlike Florida, the Caribbean Islands have been hit particularly hard. Wreckage is heaped up everywhere after Hurricane Irma hit last week, churning as a Category 5 storm when it pounded the island. Cars were tossed upside down, large boats lean sideways far inland, and debris from businesses and homes lie in the middle of streets, according to Fox News.

The Miami Police Department also sent a warning to anybody thinking about looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma: if you decide to do it, you'll end up in jail. Although not as prominent as in the Caribbean Islands, looting has also been a reported problem in Florida as well. As of Monday, 28 people have been arrested for burglary and looting. As a result, officers are urging that all residents report any criminal activity by calling 305-4-POLICE, according to Fox Miami.

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