Loni Love Reacts To DaniLeigh’s Drama W/ DaBaby By Advising Women To ‘Have Their Own Stuff’

Loni Love Reacts To DaniLeigh’s Drama W/ DaBaby By Advising Women To ‘Have Their Own Stuff’

Loni Love Wisdom is offered amid DaniLeigh‘s situation with DaBaby!

As reported previously, there are many controversial artists DaBaby And DaniLeighThey were recently involved in an open spat. This week, DaBaby IG Live was a discussion with DaniLeigh, who was holding the pair’s infant child at the time.

Later, DaniLeigh Go live and made public DaBaby The rapper had called police and asked them to take her out of their home. According to reports, the rapper also told police that DaniLeighShe had assaulted him and is now facing charges.

Both DaBaby And DaniLeigh released written statements on the matter. Memorably, DaniLeigh accused DaBaby She and their daughter were kicked out of the house for having a Plan A pill delivered to his condo.

Now, Loni Love She shares her perspective! She shared her thoughts during a recent episode The Real,

“Look, this my thing… I say always have your own stuff so that nobody can sit back and tell you to get out of their house. Be proud of your stuff! ‘Cause if he was that upset, he just should have left for a minute or a day. There’s other hotels. You a rapper–you got the money, go and leave!”

She continued:

“There was something going on that got him upset. When you get upset–to me–as a man, you just leave. Take a deep breath, and take a moment to calm down. And that’s for anybody, man or woman. If you are feeling upset, take a deep breath. But also I am gonna say, to all the women out here… make sure that you have a place to go so that nobody can embarrass you. You can get up and take your baby anywhere you want. You don’t want to be embarrassed.”

Loni Love Then, you can add:

“And stop putting it on Instagram–stop it! Then I gotta talk about it!”

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