Longtime NASCAR Racer Makes Sad Announcement About His Health After Missing Several Races

October 11, 2018Oct 11, 2018

Well-loved NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne made a heartbreaking announcement on Thursday. His time on the track is officially over.

Kahne shared the news on his Twitter page. He said he is exiting his race team for the remainder of the 2018 season due to lingering health issues. He will also not return in 2019.

“Out of the race car, I am perfectly healthy, I feel great, and the doctors have determined that I have no underlying health problems,” Kahne wrote. “My body just can’t handle extended periods of time in the race car and we weren’t able to control the sweat ratio to keep me hydrated enough to prevent any permanent damage to my body.”

Fans will recall that Kahne’s health issues have plagued him throughout the 2018 season. He had already announced that he'd be retiring after the 2018 season.

However, that doesn't mean that Kahne won't be racing again in the future. He said he might be well enough to race in a sprint car.

“I am looking forward to getting back in a sprint car soon,” he wrote. “With much shorter races and open cockpits, there is no issue with my health or hydration with that type of racing.”

Other racers and members of his team took to Twitter after his announcement. They were understanding of his health issues, but they said they'd miss him.

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