Longtime Iconic Actor Passes Away At Age 91

September 15, 2017Sep 15, 2017

Harry Dean Stanton died of natural causes at age 91. He was adored by his many fans and best known for the roles he played in "Godfather II," "Pretty in Pink," "Alien," and "Escape From New York." He also played in "Repo Man," "Cool Hand Luke," and "Paris, Texas."  

He also had a high-profile role as a manipulative cult leader named Roman Grant on the HBO drama "Big Love," which aired from 2006-2011. He also had a role as Carl Rodd in "Twin Peaks," which briefly revived on Showtime. 

According to TMZ, Harry Dean died peacefully on Friday afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California. The legendary actor had a career that spanned six decades. 

Despite passing away, Stanton will still be seen in one final performance, "Lucky," which will be released on September 29. It looks like a fascinating movie, and you can watch the movie trailer below. 

Stanton was in the Navy in WWII and fought in the Battle of Okinawa. He also loved music and spent much of his spare time singing and playing guitar. He performed for years with the Harry Dean Stanton Band. As the leader of his own band, which was briefly known as the Repo Men, he played several gigs throughout L.A. 

He had no wife and was a lifelong bachelor. 

He was also close friends with Jack Nicholson. In fact, Stanton was Nicholson's best man in his 1962 wedding, and they lived together for more than two years after Nicholson's divorce. Stanton's career was also helped by Nicholson when he acted in a part written by Nicholson in "Ride the Whirlwind." In this role, Stanton played the leader of an outlaw gang. 

Bob Dylan, who Stanton worked with on Sam Peckinpah's 1973 film "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid," was a friend. Another friend was Hunter S. Thompson — Stanton sang at his funeral. 

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