Long-time Kidnapping Victim Says It’s Vital for 13 Turpin Siblings to Talk to Their Parents

January 29, 2018Jan 29, 2018

A judge has ordered David and Louise Turpin to have no direct or indirect contact with the 13 children they allegedly abused for many years. But one young woman who escaped years of imprisonment and abuse nine years ago says it’s vital that the 13 kids and young adults get to speak with their parents at least one more time.

As evidence and accusations continue to mount against the Turpin parents, they’ve pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges involving endangerment and torture. After their 17-year-old daughter escaped from the southern California home on Jan. 14, authorities found a filthy, foul-smelling home and severely malnourished kids and young adults.

It matched up with claims from the children that they’d been only fed once a day, were only allowed to shower once a year, were taunted by their parents, were allowed very little contact with the outside world, and were frequently punished by being locked in chains and barred from access to a bathroom for up to weeks or months at a time. If even just a fraction of their accusations are true, it’s still a nightmarish living situation that was present throughout their time growing up in four different homes in Texas and California.

In a separate case, 27-year-old Natascha Kampusch lived in a daily nightmare as well, beginning when she was kidnapped at age 10. For eight years, she was kept in a cellar, abused, starved, and forced to work for her captor, according to the UK’s The Independent.

Finally, at the age of 18, Kampusch escaped. She never got to confront her captor and get a sense of “closure” because he jumped in front of a train before police could arrest him. She believes it would be important for the Turpin siblings to talk to their parents in order to forgive them or push themselves away from them forever.

"The children will need closure in order to move forward, so yes, they need the opportunity to see their parents, even if it is just to say, 'I hate you, you are a monster,'" Kampusch said.

She continued, "The world will be a confusing and difficult place for them. For me, it was hard. Austria is a small country and I stayed because my family was here. America is huge and everyone speaks the same language, so it should be easier for them to move somewhere new and start a new life. They have each other and can go through this burden together. They have more possibilities to protect themselves. I had to face things on my own.”

Meanwhile, the woman who moved into the last house the Turpins owned in Rio Vista, Texas before moving to Murrieta, California, is now describing the “heartbreaking” conditions she discovered inside. According to CNN, Nellie Baldwin bought the house after the Turpins left in 2011 and had to do a massive amount of cleanup to even make it habitable.

"They had smeared feces on the walls, in the living room and every room just had a terrible odor," she recalled, adding that there was “trash all over, everywhere you looked.”

While cleaning the place, Baldwin would pour up to three gallons of bleach on the floor every day just to overcome the horrific odor in the house.

"Makes you sick inside to think that people lived like that, you know? That that many children were living in such deprived conditions for 12 years and nobody around there knowed it," she said.

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