Lock And Load: A New Era Of Defending The Church

December 11, 2015Dec 11, 2015

A Placerville, California gun range owner has developed a highly popular niche service in a state not too friendly toward those who own firearms.

According to CBS 13 out of Sacramento, Geof Peabody has taken up the mantle of helping churches defend themselves in the wake of mass shootings.


Peabody offers gun training for congregations and has already trained more than 500 pastors and church security teams. And the calls for his service keep coming in, now more frequently than ever.

Dan Moore, a security member of Green Valley Community Church, explains why he packs heat on Sunday: “How many of the mass shootings lately have occurred in gun-free zones? All of them. Okay? They know it’s a target rich environment.”

Peabody also teaches church members how to stop an armed attack in the event than they're not armed themselves.

“The more of us there are [able to stop an armed attacker], the better the chance of success is,” Peabody said.

Do you agree with what these pastors and church members are doing?