Local Baseball Team as Pallbearers at U.S. Air Force Veteran’s Funeral

War heroes deserve the nation’s gratitude and recognition for their heroism and sacrifices. Sadly, with the passage of time, these brave men and women just fade into the background, seemingly forgotten and erased from people’s memories.  

Ralph Lambert, a U.S Air Force veteran of 94 years, died on February 8, 2022. There were no close family members or friends to grieve him. Lambert served the nation between 1950 and 1971.

Despite his many years in service, it seemed that his burial would take place in Louisiana. No one knew about his heroic efforts and gave him the proper tribute.


Jordan Marks, the coach of the Menard High School baseball program in Alexandria, Louisiana knew he had to act.

Marks heard the sad story of a war veteran who would be cremated without service and chose six players from his group to attend the funeral. 

According to Marks, this is to help his players understand the game of baseball. Marks wants his players, including war veterans like Lambert, to not only learn valuable baseball skills but to also be ready to help the community. 

Menard High School baseball team

For Marks, serving a member of the community, especially one who has served the country, is something he’d be more than happy to do.  

Lambert was a national hero so Coach Marks wanted him have a funeral fitting for one and give his players an opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson.

As a baseball coach, it’s not just his job to teach them how to be great at the sport. He wants to help them develop their character to become responsible and good adults. 

Coach Marks believes in looking out for each other just as one would for a teammate on a playing field. He also strives to inspire his boys, just like he, to be active members and leaders of the community.

So he Talked about Lambert with his staff, and six seniors were enlisted to assist at the funeral service. carry the U.S. Air Force veteran’s coffin

Hunter Foster, Ashton and Brodnax were the six seniors who were present to be the pallbearers. 

The U.S. Air Force veteran’s flag-draped casket was carried to the Central Louisiana Veterans Cemetery, where he was given full military honors and laid to rest. 

baseball team as pallbearers

After the touching and poignant moment, Jacob Giordano, one of the six seniors who carried the coffin, shared that they felt honored to be Lambert’s pallbearers. 

Cameron Kinder was also happy that he had to step in, as the war veteran didn’t have any family or friends. According to Kinder, it’s so easy to forget that there are people in this world who have no families, and people like Lambert deserve a proper goodbye. 

The baseball players were awarded an Outpouring love, appreciation, support from people when they heard about their heartwarming gesture and Lambert’s sad story.

Online and in the community, people praised the young boys’ caring and kind hearts.

They shared their pride in these young men and how it was an honor to accompany a war veteran to his final resting place.

It was truly a remarkable act of gratitude and respect for a man who has served our country.

war veterans cemetery

Ralph Lambert isn’t the only U.S. Air Force veteran to be cremated or buried without friends or family. Sadly, it’s quite common for U.S. war veterans to be cremated without any family or friends present. 

Organisations like the Missing in America ProjectWork to identify, locate, and inter unclaimed cremains for American veterans.

The organization works in partnership with federal, state, and private organizations to provide a respectful and honorable service for these forgotten heroes. 

A quick salute to Ralph Lambert (ex-U.S. Air Force veteran), and big thanks to Coach Marks, his thoughtful players, who never met the man but showed love and respect.