Little Girl Who Touched Kate Middleton's Heart Sadly Passes Away at Only 9

August 28, 2018Aug 28, 2018

In 2014, Kate Middleton bonded with 9-year-old Mia Murchison. The duchess met her while she and Prince William were visiting the children's hospice Bear Cottage during their tour of Australia, reported PEOPLE

The little Australian girl touched Kate's heart and made her laugh when she admired the royal’s flowers so much that she took them. Sadly, the 9-year-old has passed away after battling a rare genetic disease.

Mia's mother announced the news on Instagram. She revealed on August 17 that the little girl “died this morning at home in our arms, as we hoped. So incredibly sad and beautiful. So very loved and adored.”

Mia was diagnosed with Batten Disease when she was 4. Her family documented her life on social media to raise awareness for the rare disease. The disease left Mia unable to walk or talk.

Mia's mother recalled meeting Kate in a blogpost. She described the heartwarming way that she interacted with the children.

“Kate sailed into the garden gracefully and joined in singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and we watched enraptured as she interacted with the children,” Mia’s mother, Peta, wrote on their website, Bounce 4 Batten. “She made her way around the group meeting each family and chatting. She listened so attentively to us and crouched down engaging with Mia which was very sweet and probably not very comfortable.”

She related how Mia spoke to Kate in the small way she was able.

“Mia said the word ‘baby’ and Kate replied ‘yes, I have a baby, baby George.'”

Peta also recalled when Mia tried to steal Kate’s flowers for herself.

“Very special memories from this day last year,” the mother captioned a photo on Instagram, posted in 2015. “Mia trying to steal Kate’s flowers, Kate kindly saying Mia can have them and all having a giggle together.”

The family also met Prince William. The future King of England went up to Mia’s father during the hospice visit.

“My husband was tapped on the shoulder only to turn and be face to face with Prince William,” Peta recalled on her website. “‘You must be Hamish, Mia’s father?’ William was personable and engaging and complimented Mia on her beautiful princess dress. It was a beautiful sunny day and we will cherish forever meeting the Duke and Duchess at Bear Cottage.”

Mia's mother shared a heartbreaking post about the little girl's funeral. She sadly remembered it as the "saddest and most beautiful day for our family. "

She continued, describing the simple funeral, "I was never going to be ready for this goodbye but it was heavenly and more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. So raw and honest. Our family all coming together to cry, laugh, sob and honour our little girl." 

On Tuesday, August 28th, there will be a memorial service for Mia. Please pray for her family as they mourn their loss. 

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