Little Girl Finds ADORABLE Way To Thank Officer Who Saved Her Life

July 28, 2016Jul 28, 2016

After a Texas police officer saved a 2-year-old's life when she was choking on a coin, she found an absolutely adorable way to thank him. Grab the tissues for this one!

Fox 4 tells the story of the day the officer Patrick Ray saved little Bexley's life.

“I didn't know if it was a drowning. I didn't know if she was choking on something,” Patrick said, relating what was going on in his head as he raced to respond to the emergency call.

Mother Tammy Norvell held up her limp daughter to the officer when he arrived.

“It was the scariest thing to hand her over to somebody I didn't know, but I put all my faith and all my trust in him that he knew what to do,” she said.

Patrick was able to keep Bexley's air passages clear after she swallowed the coin and got her breathing again.

“It's so emotional, thinking if it weren't for him I could be picking out a casket today, living every parent’s nightmare and I'm not,” Tammy said.

According to CBS DFW, Tammy said, “Whenever I do ask my children ‘what do you want to pray for?’ Bexley always says, ‘Officer P Ray. Officer P Ray.’”